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AKUTSU, Tatsuya

Bioinformatics Center - Mathematical Bioinformatics -
(Laboratory in the School of Informatics)
Dr. Engineering
E-mail: takutsu @ kuicr.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Tel: 0774-38-3015
Fax: 0774-38-3022

Academic career
    1989.3 Graduated from Dr. Course, University of Tokyo
    1989.3 D. Eng., University of Tokyo
    1989.4-1994.3 Researcher, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, AIST, MITI
    1994.4-1996.3 Associate Professor, Gunma University
    1996.4-2001.9 Associate Professor, University of Tokyo, Institute of Medical Science
    2001.10 - Professor, Kyoto University, Institute for Chemical Research, Bioinformatics Center
Research field
    Bioinformatics, Discrete Algorithms
Current research
  1. Algorithms for DNA/Protein Sequence Analysis
  2. Algorithms for Protein Structure Analysis
  3. Algorithms for Chemical Structure/Reaction Analysis
Selected publications
  1. Hou W, Ruan P, Ching WK, Akutsu T., On the number of driver nodes for controlling a Boolean network when the targets are restricted to attractors. J Theor Biol 463, 1-11 (2019)  [pubmed]
  2. Akutsu T, Algorithms for Analysis, Inference, and Control of Boolean Networks World Scientific (2018)
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